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My Top Ten Favourite Vintage

Having loved vintage all my adult life I of course have some favourites. I hope you enjoy seeing some of my own pieces, please keep stopping by as  there will be some of my own private collection coming up for sale very soon.

Starting with my favourite first.

    1. The amazing Zambesi by Jessie Tait for the Midwinter collection. This pattern is from 1956 and my Number one favourite design. I picked up the coffee pot many years ago when I was working  in an Antique centre. This design is getting harder to come by and especially in good condition.
    2. Homemaker was designed by Enid Sweeney in 1957 for the Ridgeway potteries and was sold in Woolworths for just two and a half pence a piece. The Homemaker range is decorated with black stylised images of household items and has now become one of the most popular and collectable dinner sets around, I absolutely love it! I really enjoy having afternoon tea with friends using my cups and saucers, I also have the coffee pot and teapot, how lucky am I !?!
      Homemaker Designed by Enid Sweeney 1957
    3. Next is the fabulous Art  from the great JH Lynch, Louis Shabner and Tretchikoff. I am fortunate enough to have some of these stunning ladies hung all over my home and the collection keeps growing, although I am very quickly running out of wall space! However I do regularly have a sort out and they may appear for you to purchase and love as I have. If you have any pictures you would like to sell on too then please do get in touch by going to ‘contact us’ and completing the online form.
    4. Miss Dolly Mixer cocktail shakers! These beauties are from the late 60’s. These lovely ladies brighten up any kitsch cocktail bar and are a great conversational piece. Just put batteries in  to see them move their hips and shake up your drink as well as entertaining your guests. They will make anyone giggle. They are getting harder to come by these days but a must have if you love kitsch like me! I’m lucky to have three of them, one for each of my bars!
    5. Retro planters , love these and so do many people as they are popular sellers. Add that cactus and you have that iconic 50’s look. Look equally fantastic in any retro or modern home.
    6. Ceramica di Milano, I love these exciting pieces and have plenty for sale, so fill your boots! I know little about the manufacturer other than that they were produced in Milan in the 50’s and 60’s! They’re very girlie and often produced in pastel colours. They look great on a dressing table. They come in all shapes and sizes and a must have for retro lovers.
    7. Another must have for that retro cocktail bar is the ever popular ice bucket. These are a favourite of mine and adorn my bars, great talking pieces at a party too! They are very sort after and many are being reproduced these days so be careful if you are wanting the genuine article. The iconic pineapple is still quite easy to find, but gone are the days when you find them at a boot sale for 50p. I tend to prefer the very fruity designs like the apple, orange and pear. These are relatively easily available but  the rarer strawberry and lemon are much harder to come by. I have also seen a coconut which regrettably I missed out on.
    8. Nice Jugs!! I don’t think you can beat having a jug or two in your life and I have some gorgeous examples to show you plus the ever popular genie bottles which look great on any side board. There’s something Moorish about coloured glass and I just cant seem to get enough of it. I have plenty beautiful pieces for sale too.
    9. I am the proud owner of three cocktail bars so obviously I require a glass or two so checkout some of the lovelies that I also have up for sale! I am a firm believer in using all my stuff and not just having it for show. However do take care when washing as glasses are much more delicate compared with todays standards and of course the dishwasher is a definite NO NO!
    10. Last but not least in my top ten favourites are these crazy kitsch bitches, Miss Tissue heads! A great way to cover that boring tissue box. Now I love these ladies but think I’m in the minority as all my friends find them hideous and  quite scary! I will leave you to make up your own mind! They are a great seller though so I’m not the only person with great taste!

Grandma’s House ……….

As well as being the best Grandmother one could ever wish for ‘Nana’ also possessed some really cool stuff only she didn’t see it that way and would often have a sort through, many a time I have had to rescue some great items from piles all set for the charity shops!

Sadly Nana has had to leave her lovely home for a new one but my precious treasures are here to remind me of all the amazing times spent as a child growing up with my grandparents. Retro literally means ‘retrospect, from the past’ . I love reminiscing and remembering and I think ‘stuff’ is very good at reminding us. Take for example Nana’s mid century side board that I now have.

Every Christmas this would be lined up with bowls of sweets, I still have the teak bowls that contained them. My brother once set up his train track on top, only he would get away with that. Even now when I open the doors there is the smell of Nana’s house which takes me right back there and to every amazing childhood Christmas spent with them.

Inside I have vases and glasses that she bought in the 50’s, they are still so cool to look at. So keep your eyes open, hidden gems are often found in boxes, drawers and airing cupboards having been stored for years and probably not seen the light of day in so long. What a shame it would be if they were never discovered by you and ended up for someone else to enjoy.




Be BOLD in your Retro Home

Are you BOLD enough for retro wallpaper? …………I love my retro home and endeavour to make it as comfortable as possible yet giving it that individual touch. I find a wallpaper can offer that uniqueness and blast of colour that I love and gets noticed. Bold and bright is what I tend to go for but finding exactly what I want hasn’t always been easy! Recently I discovered ‘yuyu designs’.

(www.yuyudesigns) I now have the most fabulous walls and yet to see anyone else with the same design in their home. It wasn’t cheap but worth every penny to funk up my home life. A lot of examples of retro wallpaper are large bold patterns with splashes of colour so probably best to keep them to a feature wall so as not to over power and detract from the other retro items dotted about. I have fire places and using it on a chimney breast or in the alcoves gives a really great effect. Also when purchasing original vintage rolls its worth remembering ‘have you got enough?’ I have made this mistake thinking I have three rolls then forgetting about pattern matching. If your’e lucky enough to find enough rolls then be bold and go for it, impress your friends and give them something to talk about. Who knows you may even inspire them to do the same! The best compliment is when others ‘copy’ you, I used to find it a bit annoying but now I see it as I have inspired others.

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My Top Ten Favourite Vintage

Having loved vintage all my adult life I of course have some favourites. I hope you enjoy seeing som

Grandma’s House ……….

As well as being the best Grandmother one could ever wish for ‘Nana’ also possessed some really